Governmental Project Management
Maturity Model

I do not ask what projects can do for their governments. I ask: what governments can do for their projects!


Governmental Project 
Implementation System 

Governments deliver services to their citizens more and more often by projects. Functioning and welfare of citizens and all the societies substantially depends on projects, of which many are delivered by governmental institutions.

Governmental Project 

Governments create and maintain their GPISs. If in a particular country it becomes apparent that the public project sector too often fails, a law requiring an increase in the efficiency of project management in public organizations may be enacted.

Governmental Project Management Maturity Model (GPM3®) 

Projects are the main development tool for any organization. Governments and states which achieve higher level of project management maturity, develop faster, better meet the needs of their citizens.


What to do?

Assessment of GPIS maturity

Are all government projects in your country implemented on time?

Building roadmap of GPIS development

Since you already know how mature is your GPIS, what are its strengths and...

Implementing the roadmap

The “only” thing to do after defining the roadmap is its implementation...

Quick benefits

Full implementation of a mature GPIS / GPM system is a big job...

Our support

In our projects, we have gained knowledge about the practices of government project management in dozens of...


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About me

Stanisław Gasik, PhD, PMP

Dr Gasik, PMP, is an international expert on governmental projects. He is the author of a breakthrough first in the world platform for governmental project implementation with a maturity model GPM3® atop. Having over 30 years of industry experience, Stanisław is an expert in portfolio, program and project management. He cooperates with PMI in the area of standard development. He is a significant contributor, member of teams, or reviewer for PMBOK® Guide, Standard for Program Management, Standard for Portfolio Management and Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®). Since 2014 he is an expert for project management in Governmental Accountability Office, an institution of US Congress. Stanislaw presented his ideas both at PMI and IPMA Congresses and Conferences.

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