What to do?

Implementing the Roadmap

The “only” thing to do after defining the roadmap is its implementation. But this is a long way. It has a structure of program. There are several projects within the scope of this program. It usually takes several years. It is prone to many influences, modification, and updates. While implementing any improvement you must permanently have in mind that you must be supported by the government as whole, must have executive sponsor (preferably Deputy Prime Minister), and your reforms are accepted by governmental staff.

The roadmap should be divided into phases. Each phase should conclude with some effect. For instance, in the first phase you should awake project management awareness in the government. In the second phase you may implement project management processes in one or two governmental institutions. In the third phase… It really depends on your needs. Nobody who does not know your environment and needs will be able to prescribe what you need. Moreover, the experience usually shows that recent achievements generate new needs or modifies the formerly existing ones. At the end of each phase you should evaluate your master plan of project management maturity improvement and update it.

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