Projects, Government, and Public Policy (Taylor and Francis/CRC Press, 2023)

Projects are the most important development tool. The book focuses on organizing project management at the government level and central administration of projects. It explains the role of projects in the implementation of public policies. The book is primarily practical; it presents the best practices in this area used in many countries. Describing how government project delivery systems can be developed and improved, it is a must read for anyone looking to improve the delivery of public policies and performance of their governments in general.

Let's Talk about Public Projects

A series of articles in PM World Journal on public projects’ issues.

Public Projects (other papers)

Conference presentations and other publications on topics like Governmental Project Implementation System (GPIS), Governmental Project Management (GPM), Governmental Project Management Maturity Model (GPM3), etc. 

Project Knowledge Management

The only full project management model in the project environment - covering levels from individual, through project, organization, to global.
Proposed chapter of Project Knowledge Management for PMI PMBOK® Guide.

US GAO and PMI Global Standards

Participation in the development of GAO (US federal Audit Chamber) guidelines and
global Project Management Institute standards (which have the status of national standards in the USA).

Some Other Papers

Formal language for social processes description and simulation, project families, Unified Portfolio Management Model etc.

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